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BB Crystal

【海洋之心】 海蓝宝水晶手链 Aquamarine Crystal Bracelet

【海洋之心】 海蓝宝水晶手链 Aquamarine Crystal Bracelet

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     - 销售员


    Corresponding Chakra: Throat Chakra


    • Enhances communication skills and the ability to express one's thoughts and feelings accurately.
    • Boosts confidence and courage.
    • Enhances healing effects and helps soothe restlessness and anxiety.

    Suitable for:

    Individuals who rely on their speaking abilities for their profession, such as teachers, lawyers, speakers, salespeople, and singers.
    Individuals who experience high levels of stress and pressure.


     **每一条手链的默認尺寸会以16cm为标准, 请第一时间联系客服如需更改。** The Standard size for every bracelet will be 16cm, please contact Customer service if you wish to change the size.

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