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Iddingsite Meteorite Red Yiding Crystal Bracelet 红伊丁陨石

Iddingsite Meteorite Red Yiding Crystal Bracelet 红伊丁陨石

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1、增加亲和力 红伊丁手串有增加亲和力的功效,红伊丁手串色泽迷人,让人爱不释手,佩戴在身上能使人显得独具一格,吸引住他人的目光,起到增强沟通能力的作用。

2、释放压力 红伊丁手串有释放压力的功效,红伊丁手串蕴含着强大的磁场能量,能够对人体磁场产生一定程度的影响,使人释放出积压在体内的负能量,调节人的心绪。

3、按摩手腕 红伊丁手串有按摩手腕的功效,人们在佩戴红伊丁手串时,其会随着手腕的活动而活动,佩戴的时间长了,红伊丁手串将手腕上的各个地方都按摩到了,缓解了手腕上的酸痛感。

Increased Affinity: Red Idi Stone bracelet possesses the effect of enhancing affinity. With its captivating hue, the Red Idi Stone bracelet is irresistibly charming, making the wearer stand out and drawing the attention of others, thereby enhancing communication abilities.

Stress Relief: The Red Idi Stone bracelet is known for its stress-relieving properties. It harbors powerful magnetic field energy that influences the body's magnetic field, facilitating the release of pent-up negative energy and aiding in emotional regulation.

Wrist Massage: Wearing the Red Idi Stone bracelet offers a wrist massage effect. As individuals wear it, the bracelet moves along with wrist movements, gradually massaging various areas of the wrist, alleviating any soreness or discomfort over prolonged wear.
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