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BB Crystal

【职场 “武则天”】三色虎眼水晶手链 Tigerite Crystal Bracelet

【职场 “武则天”】三色虎眼水晶手链 Tigerite Crystal Bracelet

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Corresponding Chakras: Solar Plexus Chakra, Sacral Chakra


  • Enhances attention and focus, leading to breakthroughs in career.
  • Maintains mental clarity and agility.
  • Boosts self-discipline.
  • Enhances leadership abilities.

Suitable for:

  • Ladies striving for career advancement and salary increases.
  • Essential for empowered women!



多少女人过着 繁忙的生活,被压力压得喘不过气来~明明就已经很努力的在做好每一件事情,但最终还是得不到公司的认可?Sad到不会讲,又哭不出来!

BB Crystal 创出职场”武则天”就是为了帮助渴望在事业上发光的姐妹们在职场上大放光彩!【武则天】用的是天然三色虎眼。它能让人提高勇气、信心和判断能力,让你轻轻松松就gao dim工作上的难题,工作顺顺,Money自然也会来咯!再加上金灿灿的饰品点缀,全公司最靓又霸气的女人就是你啦!

水晶:三色虎眼 饰品:14K包金


Story of the Creation:

Many women live in a busy lives, overwhelmed by the pressures that leave them gasping for breath. Despite their hard work and efforts, they often fail to receive recognition in their workplace. It's a feeling of sadness that is hard to express, leaving them feeling unable to cry.

BB Crystal created the "Empress Wu Zetian" for those ambitious sisters who aspire to shine in their careers. The "Empress Wu Zetian" bracelet features natural tricolor tiger eye stones. These stones enhance courage, confidence, and decision-making abilities, allowing you to effortlessly tackle the challenges at work and achieve success. When your work goes smoothly, the money naturally follows! The addition of shimmering gold accents completes the design, making you the most stunning and powerful woman in the entire company!

Crystal: Tricolor Tiger Eye
Accent: 14K Gold Plating


**每一条手链的默認尺寸会以16cm为标准, 请第一时间联系客服如需更改。
** The Standard size for every bracelet will be 16cm, please contact Customer service if you wish to change the size.
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