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BB Crystal

【青灯古寺】 尖晶石+东陵玉水晶手链 Black Spinel + Aventurine Jed Crystal Bracelet

【青灯古寺】 尖晶石+东陵玉水晶手链 Black Spinel + Aventurine Jed Crystal Bracelet

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使人天天开心的宝石,有聚财作用。 可使人心情愉快,尤其对失恋的朋友来说是一帖良药,不仅可以安慰受伤的心灵,还可以促进再次恋爱的勇气。



Corresponding Chakras: Root Chakra to Third Eye Chakra

This gemstone brings daily happiness and has the power to attract wealth. It can uplift one's mood, especially for friends who have experienced heartbreak. It not only comforts the wounded soul but also encourages the courage to love again.


  • Stability and grounding: Wearing this gemstone helps maintain clarity and vitality.
  • Release of negative energy.
  • Protection and safety: Enhances leadership and decision-making abilities.
  • Boosts creativity and has healing properties.

Please note that the effects of gemstones can vary from person to person, and it is important to approach such beliefs with an open mind


**每一条手链的默認尺寸会以16cm为标准, 请第一时间联系客服如需更改。
** The Standard size for every bracelet will be 16cm, please contact Customer service if you wish to change the size.
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