Loyalty Policy

Why becomes our member?
There will be a special promotion and benefits for our beloved membership annually ;
· Monthly promotion
· Birthday promotion
· Anniversary Benefit (Free Pendant)

【Loyalty Card Policy】
This is a Timeless ; Lifetime Loyalty card that BB crystal provided to you. Every product come with 1 Loyalty Card where you can find it in the box besides the Crystal Bracelet you bought from the store. You MUST BE registered as a member with BB Crystal before a repair / service may be processed. Therefore, it is important to register as member upon purchase/receive the Product.

【Loyalty Card Period】

【Loyalty Card Coverage】:
(a) Any Degaussing, Oxidation or Crystal Bracelet that is loosen will be Cover with no charges.
(b) There will be a free annual service for full degaussing and Repair
(c) You can renew your Bracelet with 30% OFF for any tarnishing Crystal
(d) You may visit BB Crystal Workshop or using shipping services where the fees will bared by the senders (If you shipped to BB Crystal Workshop, the shipping fees will be bear by you ; While we shipped the crystal bracelet back to you, the shipping fee will be bear by BB Crystal Workshop)
(e) Every service will be made under the premise of AFTER you registered as a member with BB Crystal and showing us your Loyalty Card. Else there will be charges for mentioned services.

【Loyalty Card Exclusions and Limitations】:
This Loyalty Card applies only to Products purchased under BB Crystal. BB Crystal will not entertain any of products purchased through unauthorized channels nor Products purchased from unauthorized sellers. We also do not cover lost or stolen items or defects or damage due to normal wear and tear or caused by accident, abuse, misuse, misapplication. Stretching of BB Crystal bracelets is not considered a defect in materials or workmanship.

- Please collect/pick up your crystal beads immediately if its broken and contact Customer at first
time for further assist. Apart from the negligence causes by human factor, every crystal bracelet break with a reason.
- The Loyalty Card does not entitle you to replacements or refunds for lost, stolen items or negligence causes by human factor. We reserve the rights to reject your claim if any frauds or suspicious actions is found.

Contact Information of BB Crystal:
Address: B-9-19, Oasis Square 2, Jalan PJU 1A/7, Oasis Ara Damansara, 47301 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Telephone: +6011-1080 1121

我们将会在每一年有特别的促销和福利给我们的会员 ;
· 每月促销
· 生日促销
· 会员周年福利(免费挂件)

这是一张BB Crystal提供的永久会员卡, 每一条水晶手链都拥有单独的会员卡。
您可以在盒子里的水晶手链一旁找到它。在处理任何维修之前, 您必须先注册为贝贝熊水晶链的会员、因此在购买/收到产品时注册为会员是非常重要的。


(a) 任何消磁、氧化或松动的水晶手链将免费保修。
(b) 提供一年一次的全面消磁与维修。
(c) 配件失去光泽,我们可以以30%折扣更新配件
(d) 您可以到访BB Crystal Workshop 或使运输服务, 而费用将由寄件人承担(如果您运送到 BB Crystal Workshop,运费将由您承担;当我们将水晶手链寄回给您时, 运费由BB Crystal Workshop承担)
(e) 每项索赔都将在您注册成为 BB Crystal 会员并向我们显示您的会员卡后才能完成。否则任何上述服务都将收费。

此会员卡仅适用于在 BB Crystal购买的产品。 BB Crystal 不会接受任何通过未经授权的渠道购买的产品,也不会接受从未经授权的卖家处购买的产品。 我们也不承保由正常磨损或意外、滥用、误用、误用造成的丢失或被盗物品或缺陷或损坏。 BB Crystal 手链的拉伸不属于材料或工艺缺陷。

- 如果您的水晶手链断了后请立刻捡起并收集所有水晶珠子再第一时间联系客服。因为除了人为因素导致的疏忽外, 每一条水晶手链的断裂都是有原因的。
- 会员卡将不赋予对于因人为因素造成的丢失、被盗或疏忽。我们拥有权力拒绝您的维修如果发现任何欺诈或可疑行为。

BB Crystal联系方式:

地址:B-9-19, Oasis Square 2, Jalan PJU 1A/7, Oasis Ara Damansara, 47301 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

电话:+6011-1080 1121