BB Crystal【Like & Win】Contest #BBCWIN1000

Term & Condition

1. Anyone is welcome to participate in this contest.
2. MUST take a PICTURE/ SELFIE with BB Crystal’s bracelet.
3. Votes only valid when participants liked and followed BB Crystal's facebook page.
4. Participants must send the photo/selfie with BB crystal’s bracelet to our customer service through Messenger before 28 April 2023.
5. The photo will be posted on BB Crystal's Facebook page, all participants have a period of 1 week to gather the likes. (1 like = 1 vote, 1 share = 2 votes).
**You must hashtag #BBCWIN1000 on the shared Post, or else it will be considered Null & Void*
5. Photos, number of votes will be verified by BB crystal’s staff.
6. BB crystal’s Staff has the right to deny your qualification if found to have any fraud behaviors.
7. Winners must reply to BB Crystal's customer service within 7 days, otherwise they will be disqualified.
8. The contest period is from 2nd MAY 2023 - 9th MAY 2023, and the winner will be announced in BB Crystal's Facebook page on 16th MAY 2023.

1. 任何人都能参与这个游戏.
2. 参赛者必须和BB Crystal的水晶手链合影.
3. 参赛者们必须按赞和追踪BB Crystal的面子书, 票数才会开始计算.
4. 必须在4月28号前通过Messenger, 把与BB Crystal水晶手链的合影发给客服小姐姐.
5. 该合影将会在 5月2号 发布在BB Crystal的面子书, 各位参赛者可以邀请亲朋戚友来支持.
6.票数计算: 1赞 = 1票, 1分享 = 2票
**您必须在分享的帖子上标签 #BBCWIN1000,否则将被视为无效*
6. 照片需要经过工作人员的审核,工作人员有权要求参赛者们重拍,请多多包容.
7. 若发现有欺诈行为,BB crystal工作人员有权拒绝您的参赛资格.
8. 胜出者须在7天内回复BB Crystal, 否者将取消得奖资格.
9. 活动期限为 5月2号 - 5月9号, 而得奖者的名单将在5月16号的BB Crystal的面子书上公布, 敬请留守!!